Help for TSeitmanagement task software

add a new task to the tasklist

By clicking on the link 'new task' a dialog window opens, where you can enter information to your new task.

assistance at task editing

When you enter projects or contexts a suggestion out of the existing projects or contexts is made via drop down. They can be selected by arrow and enter key or with the mouse. The dates can be entered with the opening datepicker or manually in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

edit a task

You can edit a task by clicking on the task text. The dialog window opens with the information to the task in the form fields to be edited.

order tasks in the tasklist

You can order your tasks by clicking on the table-haeders. Click the same header again does reverse ordering.

finish a task

You can complete a task by clicking on the little o next to the project column. Finished tasks can be reactivated by clicking again on the date ('today') in the done column.
The finished task can be seen in the done tasks list. You get there via the link in the menu and back to the active tasks also via active tasks link there.

filter tasks in the tasklist

The tasklist can be filtered by clicking on an entry in the project, done, context, started, due column. To deactivate the filtering you click on the filter entry in the menu.

add links to notes

In the note field you can write down links and they will get a link function in the task list automatically.
You don't need to add tags, and by the way they will be removed anyways, because they are not allowed.

toggle notes

All notes of tasks can be hidden or shown by clicking on the menu entry toggle notes.